Teaching on Dance Offering to Khen Rinpoche on His Birthday

Dear Dharma brothers and sisters,

On the birthday of our Venerable Khen Rinpoche Kalsang Nyima (21 April), there will be Dharma brothers and sisters offering dance to Khen Rinpoche. Please read the following Chinese and English texts carefully. Thank you!


Teaching on Dance Offering to Khen Rinpoche on His Birthday

On the auspicious birthday of our Venerable Khen Rinpoche Kalsang Nyima, a White Tara puja presiding over by Lama Chodrak, CEO of Kagyu Monlam, will be held in the Wisdom Light Office in the evening. Following the birthday cake cutting ceremony after the puja, our Dharma brother and sisters are going to offer dance to express our gratitude towards Khen Rinpoche’s tireless effort in bestowing many different, important Dharma teachings to us, especially for the last 12 months in Hong Kong. 

Dance is an important form of offering, including at the time when Lord Buddha lived. Some Buddhas and Bodhisattvas offered their dance to Lord Buddha before they attained Buddhahood. 

‘Be Understood What Kindness Is,’ a Dharma song written by Khen Rinpoche will be played while the dance is being offered. According to Khen Rinpoche’s teaching given last week in the WhatsApp groups, this song has the most important teaching of Buddhadharma, i.e. the main points of all the Dharma teachings. 

When you watch this dance, you will also recollect the meaning of this important teaching and try to understand a bit more about the meaning of Buddhadharma, especially where our actual problems and real happiness come from. Eventually, we will try to cut our selfishness and five poisons a bit. 

While we would like to take this auspicious, special occasion of Khen Rinpoche as an opportunity to show our gratitude, appreciation, and respect, the highest respect that we can show is actually through practicing Khen Rinpoche’s teachings continuously and in our daily life. This is both the best tribute and offering to Khen Rinpoche, and is very important for all of us.

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