An Amazing Life with Dharma Practice

Dear Dharma brothers and sisters,

Our Venerable Khen Rinpoche Kalsang Nyima gave a teaching called ‘An Amazing Life with Dharma Practice’ in the WhatsApp group on the morning of 20 April 2021. Please read the following Chinese translation and edited English transcript carefully. Thank you!


An Amazing Life with Dharma Practice

Good morning, all Dharma brothers and sisters, 

So, I am very happy that the students continue to practice Dharma because Hong Kong is actually a very, very, and super busy city. It is not easy for people to join a puja for some hours. 

But when I lived in Hong Kong, we did retreats from mornings to evenings many times. But many students continued to join the retreats. 

It is not easy for people in the city to chant. But many students have started the four-foundation practice. Many students work very hard in the office and their bodies become tired. So it is very, very difficult to do the big prostrations. But many students continue to work hard on the prostrations. Some students may prostrate 1,000, 500, 400, 300 or 100 times a day. They continue to do this to practice the four-foundation. 

Every evening, they come to the Wisdom Light Office doing the Mahakala, Tara, and fire puja, and meditate with music. This is so amazing. 

How can this happen like this? It is unbelievable. 

That means we prayed a lot to Buddhas, Dharma, Sangha, Gurus, Yidams, and Dharma Protectors. 

I gave lots of teachings to all of you. I did explain what real practice and pure Dharma practice is about in detail and very clearly. So, many students have developed their wisdom, and become less and less crazy, and less and less busy for the samsara. They become less and less lazy as well and practice Dharma like that. It is very amazing. It is very important for all of you. Why? 

Everything comes from causes and conditions. Everyone wants to be freed from suffering, everything becomes successful, themselves to be happy, and reaches enlightenment. So, whatever good karma you are doing, the results will come to you. Whatever bad karma you do, the results will also come to you. So, for that, being able to practice Dharma like this every day can cleanse so much bad karma. It makes so much good karma. It brings lots of happiness and peace. So, this is amazing. 

So, for that, I thank all of you for paying attention to my teaching and working very hard on Dharma practice. Thank you very much.

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