Teaching on Lucky Bag Giveaway to Celebrate my Birthday

Dear Dharma brothers and sisters,

Below please find the Chinese translation and edited English transcript of the voice message that Khen Rinpoche Kalsang Nyima sent to the group this morning. Please read it carefully. Thank you!


Teaching on Lucky Bag Giveaway to Celebrate my Birthday

Good morning, all Dharma friends! 

So, today many Dharma brothers and sisters support Wisdom Light Office giving out lucky bags to the old people for (celebrating) my birthday. So, all students would like to make good karma for my birthday. All students hope I can stay, and have a long life, good health, and good and Dharma activities become successful. For that, they are doing a charity event to give away lucky bags to old people. 

So, this is a very good activity because many old people stay alone. They do not have friends. They do not have children. Their age is becoming older and that the body situation is becoming poorer. They stay alone and then always feel sad and very lonely. For that, when someone comes, gives them something and talks nice to them, they then feel very happy. It is because we visited old people last year. We talked nice, gave them something and then some old people cried. So, this charity activity is very important.

The most important of all is all of you have a pure motivation. This is very important. For that, firstly,  you will generate compassion for all living beings, ‘May I free all living beings from samsara bringing them to Buddhahood. For that, I will do a charity event for old people for (my) master’s birthday.’ So, a pure motivation is first very important. 

Secondly, each Dharma brother and sister will respect each other. When practicing Dharma, obstacles come all the time. Most obstacles come from selfishness and ego. So, these always arise something like, ‘Maybe I need something special,’ ‘I need (a) nice photo for me,’ ‘I need something powerful, something, etc.’ Then, you fight with others making other people suffered and felt jealous. Then the problems always come again and again. So, please be careful. Do not follow selfishness. Follow compassion. Follow respect. Follow being nice to other Dharma brothers and sisters. This is very important. 

And then, lastly, you will dedicate the merit of what you do to all living beings to attain Buddhahood. This is very important. 

If you can have a pure motivation and good activities, then you will dedicate (the merit) at last. Then the merit, good karma is really becoming powerful. This good merit can help your master to have a long life and a good health too. His Dharma activities then become successful. So, for that, please pay attention to this idea, my guide or teaching. Then all what you have given as donations, used as time, and what you did and do will become meaningful. 

If the mind follows the five poisons, then what you do and the activities will become bad karma bringing so much suffering. Then, nothing becomes meaningful. So, for that, the most important is that you check yourself and your mind. Do not follow the five poisons. Please pay attention to that and follow the compassion and wisdom, and patience practice. 

Thank you so much.

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