Message About Buddha’s Birthday on 19 May

Dear Dharma brothers and sisters,

Below please find the Chinese translation and edited English transcript of the voice messages that our Venerable Khen Rinpoche Kalsang Nyima sent to the WhatsApp group in today’s noon. Please read it carefully. Thank you!


Message About Buddha’s Birthday on 19 May

Good morning all Dharma brothers and sisters, 

19 May will be a special day – Buddha’s birthday. It is good if we can practice Dharma and do good karma on that very special and important day. So, for that, I did request the Wisdom Light Office to hold a life release again. It is because all of you paid attention to the life release last time for my birthday. Many Dharma brothers and sisters joined the life release. This is very, very good. At that time, we bought many fishes. It is very wonderful. So, it is very, very important to all of your Dharma practice if we can do life release again on Buddha’s birthday, especially many fishes are suffering in the market. This good karma is very important to all living beings in this world too. So, for that, we will practice life release on the morning of Buddha’s birthday.

In the evening, those who will be free will go to the Wisdom Light Office. We will have a Medicine Buddha puja and will offer bath to the Buddha’s statue. It is very important because the world right now is suffering from the COVID-19 virus, which has become strong and very dangerous. For that, the practice of Medicine Buddha is very important to all of us and the world. We will then have a short Mahakala puja and fire puja.

So, for that, I did make requests Lama Chodrak. He has accepted my requests and will join both the life release in the morning and Medicine Buddha puja in the evening. 

So, I explained to all of you how to practice Dharma, what is pure motivation, how and the need of concentrating on the practice, and how to dedicate the virtue for all living beings many times. So please do not forget this practice. Be careful that the crazy mind, especially selfishness always destroys our Dharma practice, peace and relaxation, make others suffered, and brings so many obstacles. So please be careful with these bad emotions, selfishness, and five poisons. 

26 June will be His Holiness the 17th Karmapa’s birthday. So, we planted trees last year. I think it is wonderful and good for the environment and the world, especially Hong Kong if we can do tree planting again for His Holiness’ birthday. 26th will be a Saturday. 

Thank you.

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