Focus on Your Practice of Main Points of Dharma

Dear Dharma brothers and sisters,

Our Venerable Khen Rinpoche Kalsang Nyima gave a teaching called ‘Focus on your practice of main points of Dharma’ in the group this morning (14th April 2021). Please read the following Chinese translation and edited English transcript carefully. Thank you!


Focus on Your Practice of Main Points of Dharma

Good morning, everyone!

So, we live in the samara, which has lots and lots of problems. We have problems with the family, job, company, big boss, and staff. We have problems with our bodies, emotions, sometimes food, money, and weather. Why are there so many problems? 

It is because of our very, very deep five poisons and a lot of bad karma we did in the past. For that, we are now suffering in the samsara. 

We also have many problems when going to the (Dharma) center, with the masters, with Dharma brothers and sisters, and with our Dharma practice too. Why? 

It is because our five poisons are very deep and we have done a lot of bad karma. These results always appear again and again. But most of the time, we forget the problems of our five poisons and bad karma. Instead, we think all the problems come from other people. Then we point our fingers at others saying, ‘I am not happy because other people blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,’ ‘I am not relaxed because other people are doing something bad at me.’ Then we think all the time that problems come from other people, making the suffering becoming deeper and deeper, and more and more. 

And then many students say, ‘I cannot go to the Dharma center because there have some Dharma brothers and sisters doing something not good. Their actions are not good,’ They say something more and etc and then they run far away from it. 

When they go to work in the office, then they say, ‘I cannot work (here) because the big boss is not nice to me. The staff is not nice to me.’ But then they still need to work because they need the money. 

Some students say, ‘Oh, I find it very difficult to live with my family. My father has this and that. My mother has this and that. My boyfriend and my child have some problems, etc. Oh, I cannot live with my family. I want to live alone.’ They say something like this, etc. all the time. 

Then we have some students staying alone. They say, ‘I did not get any friends. I am feeling very lonely. I am feeling very sad. Nobody cares about me.’ They always talk like that. 

But the main points are ego, selfishness, and the five poisons. Our five poisons and big ego are the main big problems. But we totally forget about them. We think, perhaps, our own five poisons and actions from the bad karma would be able to help ourselves. I need to do these. They are important to me. 

If you think like that, then you suffer all the time because you are holding the root of suffering deep in your heart. You keep it with yourself and so you suffer all the time (as a result). This is very, very stupid. But they do not know about that. That means their ignorance is very big. 

So, for that, I gave teachings to all of you many times. I lived in Hong Kong for nearly one year and taught this again and again. Why do I need to repeat this teaching again and again? It is because this teaching is extremely important. These are the main points of all the Dharma teachings. 

But most students still do not understand and cannot recognize (this problem). 

Yes, some students work hard for the Wisdom Light Office. But they still do not understand my teachings. They talk about other people all the time saying, ‘I did this,’ ‘I do like this,’ ‘I am very hard working. Then they talked and did not respect me,’ ‘They did not listen to me,’ and ‘They did not tell me.’ So they talk like that again and again and all the time. 

When we practiced Dharma together, many people came. Then they forgot to practice. They only looked at other people. They needed to show others something like ‘I look like a big boss,’ ‘I am so important,’. Then you became crazy wishing to show something to others. You forgot to practice Dharma and then you made other people suffered. So this big, big problem comes from student’s ignorance. 

Somebody knows a little bit. Somebody still does not understand the meaning of Dharma. But they are working hard, running around and talking. That is very sad. Very sad!

But I hope you will understand a little more of my teaching slowly. I hope and wish you will understand a bit more of the meaning of Buddhadharma. I hope you will be able to understand where the actual problem comes from and where real happiness comes from. Then, I hope you will be able to cut a bit of your selfishness. 

So, some students said, ‘Oh, the Wisdom Light Office has problems. I need to run away from it,’ and something, etc. It is not just the Wisdom Light Office that has problems. Everywhere has problems. If you understand the meaning of Buddhadharma, problems are beneficial to your Dharma practice, especially your patience practice, compassion practice, bodhicitta practice, which is the main Dharma practice, tong len, and mind training. When you get problems, you have the opportunity to practice these – patience practice, mind training, and tong len.

But most students lose these good opportunities because they suddenly became angry at others. ‘Oh, they talked something. I am not happy,’ ‘They are doing something. I am not happy,’ ‘Oh, I do not want to have something like that.’ That means you still do not understand the real Dharma practice. You have lost your good opportunity for Dharma practice. You got angry at others at that time. You made the bad karma. 

So, this happened many times when I stayed in Hong Kong. 

Right now, I am not in Hong Kong. I am sure this problem happens again and again. 

But many Dharma brothers and sisters still come to the Wisdom Light Office to practice. I am so happy and rejoiced! But for sure something always happens. 

Please! You follow Buddhadharma, especially me. You took refuge in me. You did listen to my teachings many times. You are practicing the four foundations now. So please do not forget the real meaning of Buddhadharma. 

Do not always follow your selfishness and five poisons. Do not always point your finger at others. You will point the finger at yourself especially your selfishness and five poisons. You will have more compassion towards other people especially when problems come. Do not forget to practice patience Do not forget to practice compassion. Do not forget to practice bodhichitta. 

If you have enough wisdom, then everything is just like a dream and an illusion. Everything is your mind’s projection. If it is possible, then you will relax in the nature of the mind, and everything can benefit your Dharma practice. So you will turn your mind towards yourself. 

Do not talk badly about other people. If you talk bad things about other Dharma brothers and sisters, you will lose the samaya vow, make so much bad karma, and bring so many obstacles. Be careful! Be careful! 

I am talking like this because I lived in Hong Kong for a year. I know the major problems of all the students. I know them very well and so there is a need to repeat those to you again. When I repeat (the teaching), then some students would be able to remember my teachings again. Some students can recognize the problem of the crazy mind. For that, I am now repeating it to you again. 

Maybe some students do not want to listen to me because their selfishness is so strong, their five poisons are so strong, and ignorance is so deep. But I hope they may be able to understand a bit more that their five poisons because these five poisons are making so many of these sufferings. 

I gave you an example, which is very easy to understand. 

Someone is holding the fire, which is burning the fingers and hand. Similarly, if you always follow your selfishness and five poisons, they make you suffer lots and lots. 

I hope and wish you will be able to understand a bit more. 

Some students understand this very well now. They sometimes forget about that and so I remind you again. Maybe you would remember, ‘Oh, master has given this teaching many times. Well, I have forgotten about it!’ Then you can generate your wisdom and compassion, especially bodhichitta. 

Thank you.

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