Teaching on the Song “Be Understood What Kindness” 

Dear Dharma brothers and sisters,

Below please find the Chinese translation and edited English transcript of the voice messages that Khen Rinpoche Kalsang Nyima sent to the group this morning (13th April 2021). Please read it carefully. Thank you!


Teaching on the Song “Be Understood What Kindness”

All Dharma brothers and sisters, good morning!

I sent some of my teachings and just recorded this (song) ‘Be Understood What Kindness Is’ and sent to all of you (note: please read the post of this song on 13th April 2021).

This teaching is very, very important for Dharma practitioners. Why? 

It is because all the sufferings come from our ignorance, ego, attachment, desire, pride, jealousy, and anger, i.e. the five poisons. All these sufferings and problems come from our bad emotions and bad karma. 

But many Dharma students do not recognize and understand these facts. When problems come, we point the fingers at others all the time saying, ‘he is not good,’ ‘she is not good,’ ‘she did make me upset,’ ‘she did make me suffer,’ and all this and that. We point our fingers at other people all the time. This is a very big mistake and misunderstanding. This is a very, very big mistake. 

So, all the good things come from others because your knowledge comes from teachers; your Dharma knowledge comes from masters, and your compassion comes from others. If there are no others, we cannot practice compassion. All our practices come from others as well. So, for that, your good karma comes from others. If you do not have others, how can you do good karma? 

So, all the good things come from others. But we forget to respect others and always say, ‘I did this thing,’ ‘I did very hard work,’ and ‘I did something.’ We think all the good things come from myself (me, me, me, me, me) all the time. This is also a very, very big mistake. This is a very, very big stupidity. This is a very, very big mistake and misunderstanding. 

So, for that, please read my teaching and listen to my teaching. If you really want to do Dharma practice, you need to know other people are very important. Some enemies are very important for your patience practice too. If you do not practice patience, you can never become Buddha. So, if you really need to do Dharma practice, please listen to this teaching. But you just acted and show up in some Dharma activities. That is just acting. That is not real Dharma practice. Then you would follow your ego and selfishness. This is not Dharma because you want to show other people you do this, that and something, etc. This is not Dharma. Maybe this only makes others suffered. This only makes your ego and pride grow up. 

If you need to do something like this, this is not Dharma. Then, there is really no need to practice Dharma. But you really need Dharma practice, please listen to this teaching and think about this teaching. Check whether your mind follows this teaching or not. You must check it yourself, please. 

Do not always follow your ego and selfishness. Please do not always point your fingers at other people, ‘he is not good,’ ‘she is not good’. Be careful! Be careful! If you always do like this, this bad karma brings more problems and more suffering to you. All of what you do becomes meaningless. You just lose your time. 

So, if you can follow your wisdom, especially generate compassion towards others and respect others, all of what you do become pure Dharma practice. It brings lots of good things to you. It also brings you to become enlightened. So, you must check it yourself, ok? 

Do not think about other people’s respect. Do not think about how other people are talking about your bad things. It does not matter. The good and bad talks of other people are not important. Most importantly is to check yourself and if your mind follows compassion or selfishness, and if your mind follows wisdom or ego. This is very important.

Teaching on Lucky Bag Giveaway to Celebrate my Birthday

Dear Dharma brothers and sisters,

Below please find the Chinese translation and edited English transcript of the voice message that Khen Rinpoche Kalsang Nyima sent to the group this morning. Please read it carefully. Thank you!


Teaching on Lucky Bag Giveaway to Celebrate my Birthday

Good morning, all Dharma friends! 

So, today many Dharma brothers and sisters support Wisdom Light Office giving out lucky bags to the old people for (celebrating) my birthday. So, all students would like to make good karma for my birthday. All students hope I can stay, and have a long life, good health, and good and Dharma activities become successful. For that, they are doing a charity event to give away lucky bags to old people. 

So, this is a very good activity because many old people stay alone. They do not have friends. They do not have children. Their age is becoming older and that the body situation is becoming poorer. They stay alone and then always feel sad and very lonely. For that, when someone comes, gives them something and talks nice to them, they then feel very happy. It is because we visited old people last year. We talked nice, gave them something and then some old people cried. So, this charity activity is very important.

The most important of all is all of you have a pure motivation. This is very important. For that, firstly,  you will generate compassion for all living beings, ‘May I free all living beings from samsara bringing them to Buddhahood. For that, I will do a charity event for old people for (my) master’s birthday.’ So, a pure motivation is first very important. 

Secondly, each Dharma brother and sister will respect each other. When practicing Dharma, obstacles come all the time. Most obstacles come from selfishness and ego. So, these always arise something like, ‘Maybe I need something special,’ ‘I need (a) nice photo for me,’ ‘I need something powerful, something, etc.’ Then, you fight with others making other people suffered and felt jealous. Then the problems always come again and again. So, please be careful. Do not follow selfishness. Follow compassion. Follow respect. Follow being nice to other Dharma brothers and sisters. This is very important. 

And then, lastly, you will dedicate the merit of what you do to all living beings to attain Buddhahood. This is very important. 

If you can have a pure motivation and good activities, then you will dedicate (the merit) at last. Then the merit, good karma is really becoming powerful. This good merit can help your master to have a long life and a good health too. His Dharma activities then become successful. So, for that, please pay attention to this idea, my guide or teaching. Then all what you have given as donations, used as time, and what you did and do will become meaningful. 

If the mind follows the five poisons, then what you do and the activities will become bad karma bringing so much suffering. Then, nothing becomes meaningful. So, for that, the most important is that you check yourself and your mind. Do not follow the five poisons. Please pay attention to that and follow the compassion and wisdom, and patience practice. 

Thank you so much.

Importance of Dharma Practice at Difficult Times and for Future Lives

Dear all Dharma brothers and sisters in the「Wake up with Dharma — 覺醒法語」group: 

Venerable Khen Rinpoche Kalsang Nyima gave a teaching on the ‘Importance of Dharma practice at difficult times and for future lives’ in the ‘Wake up with Dharma HK’ WhatsApp group on 19-7-2020. The teaching is now available in text upon editing in respect. Please read the following edited English transcript and Chinese translation. Thank you. 


Importance of Dharma Practice at Difficult Times and for Future Lives

Hello, my dear Dharma sisters and brothers in Hong Kong, 

Hong Kong had many problems last year. This year it faces the virus [outbreak] issue. So Hong Kong has had been in problems for a long time. Right now many people cannot work. Many shops and restaurants need to be closed too. So everything in the world has changed with lots of problems. This is not just unique to Hong Kong. 

So for that everyone worries about money and health, and feel really, really scared about sickness. This has made everyone not feeling very well. 

So for that please take care of your health and your mind. The external situation has lots of problems. Then the mind has moved towards bad emotions, worries, and fear. When the problems of the external situation and internal mind come together, it can become extremely dangerous. 

It is not easy to change the external situation. But you can try to change your inner mind with Dharma practice. This is very important. This is really useful. It is very helpful to your good health, peace, and relaxation too. 

So how can we practice Dharma? Most of the time students would say, “Oh master, I would like to practice Dharma. But I do not have time for the practice. I am so busy.” Right now we cannot go outside and walk. So it is a very good opportunity for us to practice Dharma. Please focus on Dharma practice. It is a very important time and opportunity to practice Dharma now. 

Yes, everyone worries about the future. If one does not have enough money, then how he or she can do with the future. But our next life is also our future. We may be able to live in the world for a hundred years or more in this life. But the next life is so long. It will not just last for some years. We will have billions and billions of lives that will stay and come to the samsara again and again. So if we have not practiced Dharma, then our next lives, i.e. our future will become very dangerous.  

All of you have been busy with your jobs for many years. This is in preparation for this life. You have worked very hard day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year for this life. So this time you will practice Dharma for your next life. It is extremely important. You will think about your next lives and Dharma practice is very important to your next lives. 

It is 100 percent certain that we will die one day. Right now we have a precious human body. But our life is becoming shorter and closer to death day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and second by second. When we die, our house, money, friends, family, name, power, and body cannot come with us. Everything needs to leave us. That time our consciousness will continue and need to go to Bardo and the next life.

At that moment, only the good and bad karma that we did will come with us. But over [the past] many years, our mind has been following ego, selfishness, ignorance, attachment, anger, jealousy, and pride. Our mind follows the five poisons and all our body, speech, and actions are full of bad karma. So we have done a lot of bad karma. Right now we have a good chance to cleanse the bad karma through Dharma practice. 

But everyone does not have time to practice Dharma. They are busy with the job all the time. When they do not need to work, then they become busy with televisions and computers. Right now most people are busy with phones too. They do not have time to practice Dharma. 

Most of our life [this life] has passed and it was used for making bad karma. We have been making bad karma all the time. But we do not recognize that we are doing bad karma. So if we have not done any Dharma practice in this life, and all we have been busy is for this life, we will need to go the hell, hungry ghost or animal realm when we die. Why is it so? It is because of lots of bad karma we did. But if we can open to our wisdom and compassion to practice Dharma now, then we can cleanse many bad karma. We now have a really good opportunity to cleanse the bad karma.

If we can practice Dharma really well, then we can go to the pure land of Amitabha in the next life. If we have good karma as well, we can reborn as good human beings and will be able to meet Buddhadharma too. When we practice Dharma again and again, then slowly we can reach enlightenment one day and will be able to help many sentient beings. 

So you will think about these: how we find having a precious human body is about and the impermanence nature of our human life. We can get sick and die very easily. Or you can think about the samsara and its sufferings. You can think about the law of karma. If you can think like that, your mind can focus on Dharma practice. 

Then you will be able to take refuge in Buddhas, Dharma, Sanghas, Gurus, Yidams, and Dharma Protectors. You will become less attached to money, job, and the samsara. Afterward, your mind can slowly focus on Dharma practice, and you can prostrate, practice Vajrasattva, mandala offering, and guru yoga. That would mean you can practice the four foundations. 

Thereafter, you can practice many Yidams and Deities and your mind can visualize blessings from many Buddhas. Your mind can practice compassion for all living beings. Then your mind can slowly become softer and more relaxed. You can focus on your practice in Dharma. 

When a lot of blessings from Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Gurus, and Yidams reach you, and your body and mind, your body will become warm and your mind will become relaxed and peaceful. Then you will be able to find happiness, peace, and relaxation in your mind at that time instead of the external world. 

At that moment, all your worries, fear, and everything will disappear. While there may be lots of problems in the external world, your mind can still relax with meditation and Dharma practice. You can make many good karma and merits. If you have enough good karma and merits, then whatever you do and work will become successful, and your mind will become peaceful and happy. This power and blessing can also make all your family members happy. So for that, please now focus on Dharma practice. 

Now you have an extremely good chance for Dharma practice. If you can practice Dharma, your mind can become relaxed and focus on Dharma practice. Then there is no need for you to go out. If there is no need for you to go out, then you cannot get this bad virus and sickness. So all Dharma sisters and brothers please focus on Dharma practice. Please do some Dharma practices for preparing for the next lives. Is that ok? This is critically important. Thank you. 

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