2016-08-24 The Seven Important Points

A teaching by Khenpo Kalsang Nyima

Given on the 24th of August 2016

Dear Dharma friends,

Tashi Delek greetings.

During a long time I was very busy and therefore didn’t have time to speak here, I am sorry about that.

Today I am returning to Rumtek. After I return to Rumtek, if I get some spare time, I will continue sharing with you a little my ideas.

In the three realms of Samsara because we fall under the power of the afflictions such as attachment, aversion, ignorance, pride and jealousy, we accumulate the 10 non-virtues of body, speech and mind. Because of karma and afflictions we are forced to experience without freedom, time and again, incredible and inconceivable suffering of birth, ageing, sickness and death.

A method for liberation from this suffering is not: food, wealth, possessions, friends, relatives, fame, a great name, nor worldly education, etc. Whatever of these you engage in, you will not be liberated from the firm bondage of the iron chains of karma and afflictions. In order to be liberated from suffering, to continuously go for refuge to the precious Three Jewels, which are: the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha from the depths of your heart is very important. This is because the Buddha Shakyamuni is the one who taught an unmistaken path of that which is to be adopted and discarded. The Dharma which he taught is an excellent method for abandoning karma and afflictions. This is a correct path. In order to practice this, if you associate with the Arya Sangha, the ones who have a high practice, this is very beneficial for the qualities of the grounds and paths to mature in your mental continuum. Therefore, it is very important to go for refuge to the Three Objects of Refuge.

The source for having to experience continuous difficulties in the three realms of Samsara is conceiving as happiness that which is not happy, conceiving as pure that which is impure, having a mistaken view which conceives of that which is selfless as having a self, etc. The extent to which we can lessen the attachment and grasping to the objects of form, sound, smell, taste and touch, to that extent we will attain peace and freedom in mind. Therefore, training in non-grasping and in perceiving of phenomena as being like a dream and an illusion is very important.

The source for our experience of suffering from beginning less time is the cherishing of the self. We always think of ourselves having to become good. We always think”I and I” from I to I and in this way the self cherishing becomes too strong. We do not pay any attention to the eradication of the suffering and the problems of the other person. The thoughts of benefiting the other people or protecting their happiness do not arise in our minds. In dependence on that, the countries, the societies and the families in this world encounter unbelievable sufferings. Therefore, we should make effort in the method which reduces self cherishing. All the happiness in this world arises from the kind heart wishing to benefit others. Also, one’s own friends, relatives and dear ones gather because of having a kind heart. Furthermore, the final enlightenment comes about in dependence on a kind heart which wishes to benefit others. Therefore, it is incredibly important to always train in the root of all happiness, the source of all happiness which is the kind-benevolent mind, Bodhichitta (the mind of enlightenment).

Our mind is like crazy and it grasps and clings to external objects. It thinks a lot about external objects, hence the mind jumps like crazy. For this, the best method is to rest the mind naturally and think about its own nature. Resting the mind while observing itself as the object, if you can abide in meditation like this, the mind will be able to abide in peace and happiness and the dirt of the conceptual thoughts, just like dirt in water, will gradually become purified. If in this way the conceptual thoughts and projections decline more and more, finally, the nature of the mind could be realized, since this is the best method for realizing the nature of the mind.

Therefore, it is extremely important to bide in meditation by turning inwardly and looking inside at the nature of the mind. Whatever practice it is that you do, it is very important at the beginning to infuse it with the thought of Bodhichitta and at the end, dedicate in prayer the virtue for the immeasurable sentient beings to attain the supreme state of Buddhahood.

The Seven Important Points are:

First- Go for refuge to the Three Supreme Jewels. Second- Reduce attachment and grasping to Samsara by meditating on it as a dream and an illusion. Third- Reduce the self cherishing to the best of your ability. Fourth-Develop Bodhichitta to the best of your ability. Fifth- Always look at the nature of the mind without alteration, affirmation or negation.

Sixth- Dedicate in prayer all the virtue for the benefit of others to attain perfect enlightenment.

Seventh- Whatever virtue you create, at the beginning infuse the action with thebenevolent mind of Bodhichitta.

If you can practice these seven points, I think it will be very good.