2017-04-17 Teaching about life release

Hello dharma friends tashi delek.  some students are doing hard work for my birthday. So my age is 50 years old already this year.  So for that all of you make some dharma activities, I rejoice and thank you so much.

I told you something before that my birthday, doing some dharma activities not only eat some cakes and some laughing. This is to do some meaningful dharma activities.   so firstly, all of you will have pure motivation for all living beings, pure motivation of bodhicitta. it is very very important.

Secondly this dharma activity is not for donation and not for offering money.  If you do some donation and these money is for really poor fish in the market which are going to be killed and eaten by other people.  These fish are really suffering and really poor in the market

So you buy these really poor and in really difficult situation fish. we will buy them with our compassion, pure compassion in our heart.  so I don’t know how many fish can we buy. after that you will put the fish in boat and you can chant Buddha dharma mantra, buddha names or some prayers.

And also some dharma pills put into water and give to all fish. all dharma blessings, prayers bless, all buddha dharma sangha’s blessings all dissolve into fish also all dharma friends all of you and sentient beings too.

Then you put fish put in the peace and nice ocean after that then you will this good dharma practice, good dharma activity and anther past future what will do what we do that good karma all together dedicate to all living beings free from suffering become enlightenment.

If you can do that then is dharma act is really really meaningful. so for that who joins my birthday fish release, then please 3 things don’t forget.  that time don’t talk too much, that time don’t forget dharma practice, that time don’t pure motivation pure compassion, pure devotion.