2017-04-12 Message about dont forget to practise dharma

dharma sisters and dharma brothers, everybody, good morning.

So often we live in the world, many people are very difficult to communicate with family and also society, also business, also money etc.

So everyday really worry about in the samsara. how can live in the world, how to take care family or child, how can to do business to grow up. how can contact with customer or big boss. Something. so everyday is really running for that. especially  in the big city, busy life.

I know it’s not easy with the busy life. So please don’t forget dharma practice. if you didn’t have dharma practice then the mind cannot encounter emotions, worry, hope and fear.

If we cannot encounter cursey mind. then all day the mind become crazy, running, thinking, emotion too much. for that then cannot sleep. if we little bit sleep but sleep time the mind also working, mind also worry, also the bad dream is coming, so all day all night mind no relax then body get very tired.

Didn’t enough, then slowly, coming sickness also. big problem. cancer also coming. so money and family also house something etc we need really important but mind peace, mind relax really really important

Because if we didn’t have mind peace relax, then coming have problem then u want go to hospital. all money lose with hospital. after that body not healthy, then you cannot work, also cannot do anything. if health problem, then make you lot of trouble, lots of suffering and lots of worry. then you happy life is finished

If you can have your peace and happy mind, then have this, take so many energy with your body. It make your body really strong, healthy or give lots of energy, then you have body and mind good health, then you slowly become can work anything, can do anything. so for that mind peace happy is really really important than money, house also.

So mind peace is very important than any other things, so for that do not forget every day dharma practice. when u wake up don’t forget dharma practice. don’t be busy with your mobile phone or internet. you will practice.  when you go to bus or car for work, don’t forget dharma practice. when u have holiday, when u free time, also don’t forget dharma practice

And especially when u get some problems with friends or family, at that time please don’t get chance to anger, don’t be anger, don’t loose your peace and happiness, don’t loose your compassion to all living beings. thank you so much.