2017-03-16 Thought Sharing

Tashi delek greetings to all the dear beloved dharma friends.  

During a long time I was occupied with the gathering of the kaguy goncho, the kagyu monlam, the kagyu goncho puja, the losar and the nuns gathering. Therefore I didn’t get much opportunity to share with you my thought. I apologise for that.  

During the kagyu monlam, the gucho and the other events. Many dharma friends came some of i give greetings and some I got opportunities to see from afar.  I was very happy about that and I would like to thank everyone. Many dharma friends said they would like to have meals together and would like to speak. nevertheless despite having the wish to converse with you becoz of much engagement in work, I didn’t get the opportunity or the leisure to do so.  I would like to sincerely apologise and request your forgive for that.  

Before the kagyu monlam began, I express my ideas and hopes to you with a few words. I said I requested the ones who came to the kagyu monlam to bodhgaya without wasting time, practiced the dharma and coming to the holy place of bodhgaya. I hope and pray your time was meaning and fruitful.  There are also lots of dharma friends who were not able to come in person to bodhgaya. If by participating in the kagyu monlam that chant times and the sangha prayers by watching it thro the webcast, they attain the blessings and teachings of HHK. I rejoice about that and hope that you had prayed together with us. 

In any case, I pray that you have practiced and are still pracitising with the holy dharma.  For a long time I share with you my thoughts and hopes expressing how important the excellent dharma is. And the fact if you don’t separate yourself from the practice of the dharma, it will bring you mental peace and will be in happiness. The root of virtue which are attained in dependence on the practice of the dharma or carry along with you life after life. As well if you do separate yourself from the practice of the excellent dharma your mind becomes controlled by the 3 mental afflictions of the attachment, aversion and ignorance. And then also this life becomes unhappy and in the future lives. You will be born in the hells and the miserable realms. I’ve already told you much about it, so please keep all that in your mind. I hope and pray that in the midst of the everyday life you don’t forget to practise the excellent dharma.  To concord with my hopes and prayers please continue your practice.

During the kagyu monlam a few dharma friends sent their gift of money. And many offer money during the monlam in person. therefore I have offered approximately 50 Indian rupees to each one of the sangha members during the kagyu monlam.  In addition, in bodhgaya mahabodhi temple I have offered alms robes and other such offerings time and again. Thro that I have prayed repeatedly for the happiness of all of you in this and future lives. In the future when I have some free time I will continuously share with you my thought.  Thank you very much everyone.