2017-01-31 Having arrived in the holy place of bodhgaya what should be done

Hello tashi delek so our life is always busy need to work for money because we need food, clothes, house, travelling and also some education and also for family. need lots of money and so everybody busy for work for money.

So many years we work for money. many years already. but right now we work for students. they will be understand for meaning of Buddha dharma because everybody busy really hard work but all the time have problem. 

because they didn’t understood meaning of Buddha dharma. some people understand the meaning of buddha dharma but cannot practice.  somebody who sometimes practice but cannot practice continuously. so sometimes when practice of buddha dharma, at that time their mind calm down, get some peace and they are happy but crazy mind is coming again and again.  

And the environment all the time changing. then sometimes there are some different environment at that time their dharma practice totally forget. crazy mind is very very strong. Then in the crazy environment we make some very bad karma and problem also same like before. crazy mind also same like before. all buddha dharma is lost so this is very very big problem.  

now, every day in the group, we give some meaning of buddha dharma, also sing song of buddha dharma, and then some people very hard work for translate to english and chinese, then somebody very hard work for make video and the video is my song with meaning of word also background is some photos that match the lyrics.

there are somebody make this public. Group members then make can listen to my song and can watch my video. underneath they have lyrics in Tibetan, English and Chinese. so people now very easy and very comfortable to learn dharma.

But this work,I know all of you very busy and need lots of time, need very hard work but you did so many things for my teaching and you right now doing also you will do for is future too.

So this work is not for money, this is not for name, not for the profit, not for only this life, this work is only for buddha dharma, for igonorance people can open their wisdom or understand buddha dharma. for that all of you and me hard work for Buddha dharma.

So for that we first need is very very pure motivation, very important not for name, not for money, not for profit. this is for dharma, this is for all living beings free from suffering or samsara and become enlightenment, become Buddhahood. for that we work for buddha dharma. This motivation is very very important.  if we have the pure motivation for one minute, one second, then work for Buddha dharma is very meaningful.

Then secondly we need the compassion because busy life with another extra busy work for work for teaching is not easy. sometimes not comfortable, sometime somebody said something bad. sometime the work cannot be done. then sometimes mind sometimes up sometimes down. So that time if we didn’t have compassion practice, then mind is coming sometimes anger. mind coming sometimes sadness. mind coming sometimes dark. mind coming sometimes boring. Then work very hard, mind not comfortable then mind becomes anger, so that time make bad karma. so be careful. don’t forget compassion practice with work for my teaching this is the second important.

Then The third important is the last important is dedication. with motivation to all living being, so after the work, after the meditation, after the budda dharma, all the good karma all the merit we will do dedication to all living being to become Buddhahood.

This is very very important. then we dedicate already to all living being, then no need attachment to name, no need attachment to money, no need hope to some people said oh you work very very good, no need people say good things. Some people say bad things it’s ok because we all do good karma dedication to all living beings already.

The mind is very free work is very meaningful so this is very important first motivation pure motivation, 2nd compassion practice, the last 3rd is pure dedication. the three is very important.

I forget something talk to you. some important. there in the group there is member maybe now is 264 but some people only open, some people maybe listen to teaching, some people may be not listen. So very important is now in this group we discuss about teaching group. you hard work for my teaching, you check meaning of my teaching. so important that we share my teaching to other people but important is all of you practise my teaching is important because all you people believe me and have devotion to me, so for that you hard work for my teaching.

So other people listen or not, we don’t know. important is all of you please what you understand my teaching, what you love my teaching meaning and what is important some my song meaning of my teaching, so please you will practise every day to your mind this is important.

You can practise my teaching, you can use my teaching in your life, it is great already. all is very very meaningful already. but you read my teaching, you translate my teaching, you make video for my teaching, you make group chat of my teaching but if you do not practise my teaching, then it’s not meaningful. Nothing, only work hard. 

Example somebody stay with river. They know river they use something river. But if these people didn’t think there is water, people be die. they stay with river is nothing meaningful. They use some water is nothing meaningful. Same. if you hard work for my teaching but important is you must practise my teaching. It’s my request to you, prostration to you. Please practise my teaching in your heart, in your life.