2016-04-20 Don’t Forget to Practice the Dharma!

Don’t Forget to Practice the Dharma! A teaching by Khenpo Kalsang Nyima Rinpoche given on the 20th of April 2016 Greetings to all the dear Dharma friends. Since there are a few Dharma groups, this teachings needs to be sent twice or thrice. This situation happened because if I had to speak to each group individually, I wouldn’t have enough time. In any case, due to teaching the Dharma many people have said that it benefits their mind greatly. Hence, even though I don’t have much free time, with a pure intention I speak about the Dharma wishing that you do not forget to practice it in the everyday life and for the practice to develop more and more. In dependence on such a practice you will be able not to only attain well being and happiness ,but also the people in your surrounding such as family relatives and workers, through your facial expressions, peaceful way of talking and way of smiling, will experience peace and happiness. Not only in this life, but from life time to life time you will not be separated from the manifestation of the Dharma and will gradually be freed from the lower realms of cyclic existence, until finally, my teaching here serves as a cause for you to attain the precious supreme highest state of Buddhahood. I have this hope and great conviction.

To the extent of my knowledge and by constantly making prayers and supplications to the three jewels and three roots, because of their power, I hope and trust that when speaking here you will experience a transformation in your mind.

Some people say that they have been practicing for a short time: in one day during half an hour in the morning and in the evening during one are two hours, they supplicate the three supreme jewels of refuge but when they encounter trouble and difficulty at home, the potency of their practice doesn’t manifest. They can’t face trouble. The blessing of the Buddhas and Boddhisattvas doesn’t help, they say. These kinds of thoughts probably arise in some students’ minds.

Therefore, what we need to know is very important. The enemy which should be opposed is the attachment, aversion, ignorance, pride and jealousy etc. These haven’t been just arising in your mind in this life but from lives without beginning until now, they have been arising in your mind and you have become accustomed to these afflictions. So in just a few days, months or years to cultivate a practice which can conquer, eradicate them, is very difficult. It is extremely important that you know this. From lives without beginning until now because of this enemy of the afflictions we have experienced immeasurable suffering in Samsara and the miserable realms. If we cannot oppose the afflictions at present, then also in the future, we will have to experience a variety of sufferings. Due to falling under the power of attachment, aversion, ignorance, pride and jealousy in the everyday life, your body and mind, as well as your environment, will be made unhappy. We have already experienced directly a variety of suffering in this life. In case we cannot transform the mind, in the future we will be compelled to experience suffering. Because of these reasons we surely need to make effort in the method which opposes the enemy of the afflictions. We have been accustomed and obscured by the afflictions since beginning less life times. Since they have been abiding in the mind for so long, to oppose them we need a complete marvelous practice. For example, for the enemy of the afflictions to be opposed, we need to collect a great army of virtue. For that we need a habit and to cultivate ability and only then do we need to oppose them. By knowing that the nature of the three realms of cyclic existence is suffering and recognizing that other than suffering there is no opportunity for happiness in Samsara, one should make effort to generate strong revulsion and renunciation from Samsara.

There is no one other than the three objects of refuge who shows the path of liberation from cyclic existence and since there is no other correct path, one generates trusting faith in the three jewels. As well, other than your virtuous spiritual friend who shows you a correct way to transform your mind, there is no one else who does that. Hence, you should generate faith, admiration and devotion. Practice always without forgetting that which is oneself and others’, all sentient beings’ source of happiness: love, compassion and bodhichitta. Meditate on the supreme antidote to self-grasping and true-grasping: selflessness and

emptiness. In order to merge all these subtle practices with your continuum, listen to teachings from virtuous spiritual friends, in between think time and again about their meaning and having thought about it, generate a conviction and comprehension of the meaning of the Buddha Dharma. By getting accustomed firmly in the everyday life, we need to accumulate this excellence.

The extent of the power of practice, to that extent the affliction will reduce their strength and the ability to oppose them will develop.

Therefore, all of you when you wake up in the morning be inseparable from the holy Dharma. While eating food don’t forget the Buddha Dharma. When you leave home for work and are in the car or train, don’t be separated from the practice of the holy Dharma. While you are working in the office don’t fall under the influence of anger nor hatred, do not separate from the practice of love, compassion and patience towards others. While you are returning home, do not separate from the practice of the holy Dharma. Similarly, when you go to sleep at night, be inseparable from the practice of the Dharma. If you are accustomed to the potency of the practice like that continuously, naturally in a short length of time like months or years the power of the practice will develop. In dependence on that, you will have a feeling of joy and happiness in your mind and naturally a trust in the Dharma which is greater than before will develop. Eventually, naturally without much effort one will be able to engage in the practice. In dependence on that, even when you occasionally encounter problems and difficulties in your life, through the power of the Dharma you will not fall under the control of anger, you will not fall under the control of hatred nor worry. You will abide with a happy and joyful mind.

All of you I hope you always strive and make a strong effort to practice the holy Dharma.

Thank you.