2016-04-16 Cultivate Pure Perception!

Cultivate Pure Perception! By Khenpo Kalsang Nyima Rinpoche Taught on the 15th of April.

Greetings to all the dear Dharma practitioner friends. These days all people’s mental states have problems, difficulties, a lonely feeling, etc. Within society there is ever more growing competitiveness regarding wealth, fame, power, etc. This is a time in which it is difficult for people to attain peace and happiness. During this period it is very important for each one to transform their way of thinking, their motivation. This is because even the slightest of mental intentions which is unhappy and non virtuous causes naturally your mental state to change radically. By the force of such a change, your body, facial expression and way of talking will change. Also, by the force of this kind of cause, the people around you will also experience a change. Therefore, positive thoughts and intentions are incredibly important. If your mental intents and general way of thinking can be positive, due to the power of that, your mental state will become peaceful, your physical state will be healthy and your physical expressions and way of talking will also transform. Subsequently, the people in your immediate surrounding will also experience a good deep feeling. Therefore, to live a life by making an ongoing effort to think in a positive and wholesome way is vital.

The perfect complete Buddha Bagavan taught the Gocara Parizuddhi Sutra (The sutra of pure experience). If I had to speak about it all, it would not be possible, but in it itsays that if one sees an empty vessel, then immediately one should think: Oh, may my and all sentient beings’ mental continuum be emptied from karma and afflictions. And if one sees a vessel such as a cup, a jar or any container which is full of water ,etc. then one should think may my and all beings mental continuum be completely full of positive qualities such as love, compassion and wisdom. Similarly, while climbing steps up to the top floor of a building think: I am leading all beings to a pure land such as Dewachen (Blissful pure land) and make a prayer to be able to do so. While going down the steps to the lower floors of the building think: May I protect from suffering all sentient beings, who are in the miserable realms of existence. While wearing cloths think I am wearing the clothes of embarrassment and shame (from performing misdeeds). Also, think I am wearing the clothes of patience. When you put a belt on your waist think: May the precious training of morality not decline in my mind, may I safeguard it properly. While seeing fruit on the roads think: May I and all beings attain the fruit, result of the threebodies of the Buddha: The Dharmakaya (Truth body), Sambogakaya (Enjoyment body) and Nirmanakaya (Emanation body). All these examples are given in the Sutra of pure experience spoken by the Buddha. They are aimed at transforming mundane phenomena and actions which are seen, heard or thought about to a positive direction.

From the point of view of the secret Vajrayana vehicle, one needs to train in seeing the environment and house as a pure land. One should see oneself as a yidam deity appearing yet lacking any real existence. like a reflection of moon in the water. In addition, one should think of the objects of sight as follows: all men as Avalokiteshvara (the Buddha of compassion) and Manjushri (The Buddha of wisdom),etc. and all women as Tara (The savioress), etc. It is said that one should think of all people as being the Buddhas and bodhisattvas. On should think of all the objects of perception of the ear faculty, heard sounds, as naturally pure mantra. Whatever conceptual thought arises, think of it as the manifestation and play of Mahamudra (The great seal).

In short, form, sound and all the thought activity of the mind think of them repeatedly by means of an all encompassing purity. The Buddha taught this generation stage as part of the Secret Mantra.

In the everyday life as soon as we wake up we remember the Three Refuge Jewels and generate love compassion and bodhichitta towards all sentient beings. In life when we encounter difficulties, problems and trouble, also then, we make effort to practice bodhichitta and Tong Len (giving and taking meditation). Make effort so that the practice of patience assists you. All these hardships and difficulties that you are experiencing contemplate that through them, vice and obscurations created previously with negative actions are being purified. In all these ways continuously contemplating in a positive and good way is extremely important, since these days all the thought are mistaken and non virtuous. For example, if one person speaks, he isn’t believed. People think: Perhaps he is deceiving me. If one person speaks all others think he is lying. When someone performs an action people think that perhaps he is being deceitful. People always think in a mistaken, incorrect, faulty way. In this way there is no one to be trusted in the world. Even from a positive point of view there is nothing good to be seen. From a good perspective there is nothing to be seen. Life gets exhausted in faulty perception and loneliness. This is mainly not because external phenomena have a fault, but rather, because your inner mind has a strong habit to perceive things as impure, to think impurely. Hence, great difficulty is encountered. Due to only thinking these inappropriate thought, life becomes unhappy. If this is done for a long time the nadi (nervous) constitutions and wind energy in the body get disturbed and in dependence on that one gets sick. When experiencing great difficulty and problem due to impure perception, as I said before, it is very important to have a pure perception and think;pure thoughts, virtuous thoughts, good thoughts, beneficial thoughts, open minded thoughts, patient thoughts, loving and compassionate thoughts, thoughts about emptiness and selflessness, thought of giving and taking happiness and suffering (Tonglen meditation), thoughts about all encompassing purity, etc.

All of you please keep it in mind!

Thank you!